Barut Whitegranite

"Mighty Battlerager", Aantrekkelijke Hylar


Adult Hylar (78), 1,50 m, handsome regal features.

Barut Whitegranite was born second son of Oggi Whitegranite and his mother Melli Opalvein. He is cousin to Tarn Bellowgranite and young cousin to Baker Whitegranite (Hylar thane who fought and banished Primus the fire dragon during the Chaos War and brother to Oggi Whitegranite).

After the destruction of Hybardin he followed most of his clan to the newly founded city of Norbardin.
During the rebellion that was fueled by Jungor Stonespringer, Barut lost his brother and evacuated from Norbarding together with Tarn Bellowgranite and his followers. After meeting Brandon Bluestone and Gretchan Pax he decided to join them to Garnet Thax where he stayed some time.

Curious to know what happened to old Tharadin and the group that set out to reclaim it, he set out to the distant mountain region approaching it from the south to pay homage to the tomb of King Ironflame…

Barut Whitegranite

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